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H.U.R.I.E.R. Model

Hearing--focusing on and attending to the message

Understanding--obtaining the literal message meaning

Remembering--recalling the message for future action

Interpreting--expressing sensitivity to contextual and nonverbal message aspects

Evaluating--logic applied to the assessment of the message value

Responding--choosing an appropriate response to what is heard

Good/Poor Listening

Poor Listener

Good Listener

Language that leads to intimacy

Goal is to maintain status

subject is dry so tunes out speaker

finds what's in it for me

distracted easily

fights distractions, sees past bad communication habits, knows how to concentrate

takes intensive notes, but the more notes taken, the less value; has only one way to take notes

has 2-3 ways to take notes and organize important information

is over stimulated, tends to seek and enter into arguments

doesn't judge until comprehension is complete

inexperienced in listening to difficult material; has usually sought light, recreational materials

uses "heavier" materials to regularly exercise the mind"

lets deaf spots or blind words catch his or her attention

interpret color words, and doesn't get hung up on them

shows no energy output

holds eye contact and helps speaker along by showing an active body state

judges delivery -- tunes out

judges content, skips over delivery errors

listens for facts

listens for central ideas


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